The Brand

 What we wear matters and a moral decision needs to be made. We all have choices between what is immoral and what is moral.

Moral has chosen to produce each garment in ethically accredited factories and use sustainable fabrics.

 We believe that with anything bad in the world there is something out there that will make it better. 

Our vision is to rescue the fashion industry with one outfit at a time. We aim to be transparent in every step of the supply chain. We will always choose the moral way.

 We choose to use fabrics that are sustainable. We love dead stock! We save fabrics from landfill and give it new life!


 Our mission is to create a fashion house that celebrates how wonderful life is. It is for the dreamer and the person who loves to be inspired. Everyday we are presented with choices, some of which are either/or decisions and some of which you need to use your morals.


Our design mission is to produce garments that have been organically sculpted to celebrate your unique figure, providing pieces you can take on your next adventure.   

No matter, woman, man, unicorn or age we want to celebrate your life and be part of all those moments in your life that make you, you. We design garments to be kept and cherished for years to come- never discarded.

  Moral release two ranges a year. Quantities are limited by the amount of material purchased prior to release.