Our Founder


Our founder and creative director was inspired to create a label that uses remnants, ‘leftovers’ from the fashion industry which was something that was done for generations in her family. It wasn’t an option to go to a store and buy a new outfit for the next ‘community dance’ or social event, so her family improvised, creating a dress from another dress.


The moment that inspired her was when she was told her grandmother had cut her wedding dress and dyed it red, thus giving it a new life

(which is kept safe in the chest in her Aunties house that was brought over from Greece when the family migrated to Australia ).

 After working in the retail world for 15 years and being exposed to massive amounts of 'fast' fashion she decided to go back to basics and her roots.

  Her family had been living sustainably for necessity and as a lifestyle choice so, she decided that the fashion industry also needed a reboot.


Fashion needs morals, so here we are.