Our Product

MORAL is a ethical and sustainable women’s ready-to-wear label designed and made in Australia.

The Founder has a strong focus to meet the wardrobe needs of women all over the world, using only sustainable fabrics and ethical manufacturing.


Garments are made in small quantities to avoid producing excess garments, unless demand is high we will produce a few more to keep up.


Each season the brand will purchase fabric at the beginning of the season but once it’s gone, its gone. This approach not only gives our customers an exclusive experience but also limits waste.


All the garments are produced in Melbourne, and because they're made locally, no long overseas shipping times (or costs) are involved.


Supply chain

At Moral we are transparent and ethically motivated with a supply chain that is all based in Australia and New Zealand.


Starting with our pattern maker Helen. She is a very experienced, inspiring, artistic woman living in Melbourne, Australia. She is full of energy and ideas and we love having her on board for this adventure.

Our Pattern grader Sue is also a wonderful woman living in Melbourne, Australia. With just as much experience and passion for her work as Helen. They are a dynamic duo and produce high quality work, all in their hometown.


Next all our fabrics come from a New Zealand based company only suppling ‘dead stock’ fabrics. Which we LOVE!


And finally our precious product is produced in a beautiful family run factory in Brunswick, Melbourne. This factory started in 1983 and is ethically accredited company being part of the ECA. We are so happy to support a factory with such great morals and have them make our garments.


Together we are moral.


Trims and Tags

Our morals don’t just stop with the fabric and productions. All tags that hang off each garment are printed in Australia using recycled paper.The cord in which the tag hangs on is 100% hemp therefore being bio-degradable uses very little pesticides and water to produce.  


Each garment has a small ‘moral’ label sewed into the back which is made with 100% recycled fabric and is certified to the highest OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Product Class 


Our moral care labels are printed on 100% recycled Tyvek fabric.


Our moral buttons are covered in our sustainable dead stock fabric, this process is done in Melbourne, Australia.


What we wear matters.